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Gratings – An Overview of the Types and Advantages

  • Apr 27, 2019
  • Admin

The grating is any regularly spaced collection of essential parallel, identical and elongated elements. Gratings consist of a single set of elongated elements which means the second set is usually perpendicular to the first. KBS Engineering is a pioneer in manufacturing quality fabricator of process plants equipment.

We manufacture equipment as per national, international codes i.e. as per ASME, IS, BS and TEMA codes. The stainless steel gratings are available in standard sizes and meshes that are preferred by the clients worldwide. We provide cut-to-size or custom fabricated gratings which are managed by professionally qualified and experienced persons.

High strength to weight ratio

Galvanized gratings are integrally constructed for strength and weigh a bit less than the steel gratings. They are easy to install and remove with no heavy equipment required. This, in turn, leads to manual handling risks and injuries. Properly installed, they meet specific load requirements and is more impact resistant in comparison to metal.

Long service life

The galvanized steel gratings have a longer life span because of their resistance power to corrosion. Even when they are used in highly corrosive environments, they tend to last for more than 30 years.

Low maintenance cost & Aesthetic Appearance

Unlike other gratings, galvanized coatings do not need to be painted with an extra layer of protective paints. This, in turn, leads to reduced maintenance costs.

The galvanized steel gratings have a glassy and shiny look. This makes them aesthetically appealing to any structure in which they are installed.

Anti scratch & anti corrosive

The zinc coating on these types of gratings protects them from any untoward scratches if they happen to come in contact with any machinery or objects.

On the other hand, galvanization protects the gratings from corrosion, thereby increasing their durability and life span of the structure.

Looking for a standard and renowned company of fabrication work? Your search ends with KBS Engineering. Our robust team of professionally qualified and experienced persons in the fabrication of engineering fabricated products extensively used in a wide variety of petrochemical, fertilizer and chemical industries. Our main aim is to provide customer satisfaction with quality and delivery.